The Clone Codes #1 (2011)
The Clone Codes #1 (2011)
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0439929849 (ISBN13: 9780439929844)
Scholastic Press
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Nice story for younger teens. Very well written, grammatically speaking, which I appreciate more now that so many self-publishers are severely lacking here. Could use a little more description. Sometimes seems like their are gaps in action or setting details, so I don't really feel like I'm present in the novel. But that is a pretty rare skill among authors. I would recommend this book to my students. Clearly needs closure though. Must read the sequels. The Clone Codes by Patrick C. McKissack is about 13 year old Leanna set in the time period, 2170. Everything is VERY high technology. There are clones and cyborgs with flesh and blood. However, the society sets them apart from the humans because they think of clones and cyborgs as...slaves. When Leanna's mother is arrested for belonging to a secret organization called the Liberty Bell Movement, Leanna must run. She then comes across many adventures through her escape from the government. However, Leanna learns a startling fact about herself that she had never known before...Overall, I thought this book was super interesting and suspenseful. The plot was awesome and well written. However, I did not enjoy the ending.
Not my type of book. Too perfect and seemless. It was ok, but didn't keep me wanting more.
This book had a good background story but the ending could have been better.
here is what has happend so far. leannas mom has got takin by the robbot's.
This Battle of the Books 2012 title was pretty good!
keepin me on the edge of my seat!
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