The Collectibles - Book 1 In The Collectibles Trilogy (2011)
The Collectibles - Book 1 in The Collectibles Trilogy (2011)
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0982587309 (ISBN13: 9780982587300)
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I enjoyed this one. The deal making parts were a little too detailed for my taste, but even with that it was still good. I think the ending was worth the whole book, but I won't give that away - my lips are sealed! Anyways, not a normal book I would read and, in fact, I accidentally clicked "buy" and thought "what the heck, it was only 99cents, I might as well give it a go". I'm glad I did and didn't click "bought on accident", it was worth it! This book is a third person narrated story told from the point of view of 2 main characters and about 8 minor characters. Many reviews mention the similarities to Grisham but that comparison is fleeting. The story moves on and develops more about people and relationships. As far as the typical protagonist antagonist battle with good winning over evil this book doesn't have it. Actually at some point I started to think this book is about nothing. Then I got to 95% on my kindle and the tears started to flow. The author had done such a good job of building characters and stories that I couldn't help but feel the sadness
I really enjoyed this book. An uplifting story, with some interesting twists and turns.
Good Story. Easy to read. Leaves you feeling good about people in general.
Maybe 3 1/2 stars. Good read with a great message.
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