The Complete Fairy Tales Of The Brothers Grimm (1901)
The Complete Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm (1901)
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Hard to star. I did "pick and choose" reading of various well-known tales in preparation for WindyCon which I, unfortunately, was unable to attend. But did put a new slant on fairy tales. It brought to mind the article written by a writer (who, at the time, was also mother to a young daughter) who stated that it was important to the child's peace of mind that the wolf be done in at the end of the story. When read a modern, politically correct version where the wolf is not done in, the child was greatly agitated and unhappy, thinking that the big, bad wolf was still out there ready to pounce on her. For the sake of her child, the mother read an older version where the wolf is done in and the child was comforted. I think that is why the original stories were so violent." It was a very brutal and violent world the children who heard these stories originally lived in. We supposedly have that bit of the world tamed, but not really. It just took on a more refined look and has continued in its brutality. I guess they should dress the wolf up in a corporate suit and take it from there. There's 210 stories in total inside.Some stories were repeated in similar way, Some were very shorts without conclusion (i.e. "as for the rest of the story, I know not"), Most stories has cruel way to punish the villains (not that I mind), Almost all of the protagonists, either men/ women, will get an opposite gender as reward whom turns out to be a royalty.There's a lot of various bewitched story.HANS is the most favorite name of the protagonists its dominated most of the protagonists.All in all, I like the book for drawing (bizarre?) inspiration.
I will read The Brothers Grimm over and over without shame. Case closed.
good read the stories i was interested in reading
All the old tales revisited. A classic
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