The Consequences Series (Consequences, #1-3) Part 1 (2013)
The Consequences Series (Consequences, #1-3) Part 1 (2013)
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Book 1 ConsequencesThis book was absolutely amazing.For once it was so great to read a story that was not sexually based. Alethea Romig has written a novel that keeps the reader on their seat until the very end.Claire Nichols is a young woman, stuck in a rut. She's lost her job at the local tv station, due to redundancies and is currently working as a bar tender in a local establishment.Anthony Rawlings is the owner of Rawling Industries and has noticed and taken a liking to Claire.That's where and when the niceties of this man ends.This novel is a psychological thriller that will have the reader experiencing all the gamut of emotions. Ranging from fierce anger through to love and sympathy.It is NOT a love story by any means.Book 2 TruthTruth continues from where Consquences left off.Claire is now pardoned from her incarceration and is out to seek vengeance against Anthony Rawlings.What follows is a book of mystery and intrigued.Claire delves into Anthony's past and finds more mystery than what she originally expected.Along with Harry Baldwin and her Close friend Courtney Simmons, she sets out to destroy the man she previously grew to love.Once again this book contains as many twists and turns as Consequences.Once again it is a psychological thriller that will have you not wanting to put it down.As Claire learns more and more about the truth, she discovers that appearances are not what they seem.....something she has learnt a lot about.Book 3 ConvictedAleatha Romig has written a brilliant conclusion to this phenomenal series.Convicted is written in many time frames.It begins in the future in 2016 and then transports the reader back to when Claire is on her island paradise.Through numerous twists and turns, that we have come to expect from Ms Romig, we are given the entire story of Anthony Rawlings, Catherine and many other characters. We see how everybody is interconnected.Ms Romig answers many of the readers questions from Books 1 & 2, but she also introduces the reader to new questions and answers.The novel is an unwinding puzzle right through to the very final word.Did I come out loving Anthony Rawlings - YES!!!!!The man changed throughout the series, however he still retained that touch of dominance.Congratulations Aleatha Romig on an absolutely BRILLIANT and thought provoking series.Next up the novellas from Anthony's POV. Words fail me when it comes to this series! I love to read and the more emotion a book can create for me, in the best experience ever. Your Consequence Series had me on an emotional ride that is so indescribable and calling it an emotional roller coaster is too mild of an expression. How do you try to go on to another book, novella, series...after a read like this. My mind can not wrap around the thought of reading another book, at least not until Behind His Eyes - Truth & Behind His Eyes - Convicted are released. Please know my next words are said in the best of intentions & respect for your writing... Ms. Romig, I do believe you may have ruined me for any other authors books. Thank you!
Very compelling books, I couldn't stop reading till they were over!!!
This series really messed with my head...... wow!
Well, I wrote, I kinda liked it! lol!
This series is AWESOME!
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