The Consequences Series (2013)
The Consequences Series (2013)
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I am very much torn about these books. They are extremely addictive. I mean, I read day and night, every available minute, my e- reader was steaming, but ... I don' t understand why the author created such a strange man like Tony. First he is abusive, then the charming hero. Hello?! His change from one kind of person to the other was not believable. All the many twists and turns in the story where a bit too much in the end. Reminded me to tv- series that would not end, just to last it a little bit longer, even if everybody was tired of it. Sorry that makes it only 2.5 to 3 points at the most. A good editor/lector could have helped to make a real good book out of that story by cutting away some parts and change the beginning where Tony is kidnapping and raping her. Put on your seat belt because it's going to be a rough ride! I don't know where to begin with this book. I've never read a book like this. First book in the series is more of a psychological thriller. I can easily say that it pushed my boundaries and tugged at my emotions. It took me beyond my comfort zone of "romance" novels. I highly recommend this book to those that understand book #1 is NOT a romance novel however books 2&3 are a different story :). My stomach is in knots and my mind is reeling over all the things that happened. Tony scared the daylights out of me in book 1. Aleatha Romig, congratulations, you succeeded in planting Tony in my nightmares in book 1 and bringing him back to me in sweet dreams in books 2 & 3. The series is one of my favorites of all time! What an incredible love story that starts towards the end of "Truth" and continues throughout "Convicted". There are so many twists and turns. Remember the names of the characters and their roles because some have significant roles in books 2 & 3.
This whole series was my first dark read and I loved it!!
One of my favorite series!! I've read it twice already!!
love this series! keeps you on your toes the hole time!
A bit far fetched at times, but an enjoyable trilogy :)
<3 <3 <3
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