The Crusades: The Authoritative History Of The War For The Holy Land (2010)
The Crusades: The Authoritative History of the War for the Holy Land (2010)
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This book, along with Ashbridge's other book, The First Crusade is a fascinating look at the history of the war for the Holy Land. I'm ashamed to say that until now my total knowledge regarding to this particular part of history was that Robin Hood fought in the 3rd crusade along with Richard the Lionheart and was a prisoner for sometime before escaping (Prince of Thieves, 1992).Fortunately, I stand corrected and I feel an overwhelming urge to go visit places in Turkey, Lebanon and Israel to see where the battle took place and where the ancient cities stood. I also feel like I know so much more about why there is the conflict that there is in our current day. Highly recommend. While reading this I had a profound sense that for Asbridge the crusades are so familiar he writes as he listens to the roar of war; he seems to stand as an intermediary between the reader and the crusading events themselves. I have little comparative Crusade history besides Madden, which I really enjoyed for the sense of action and the skill in which he could write troop movement and battle engagement. However, Asbridge supplied so much cultural and material context the crusaders themselves sprang to life in an understandable human way. Can't wait to read Riley-Smith this summer.
An excellent de-romanticization of 200 years of conflict.
21 JAN 2014 -- Melki! Many thanks.
Good summary easy to get into
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