The Cryptos Conundrum (2012)
The Cryptos Conundrum (2012)
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0765318776 (ISBN13: 9780765318770)
Tom Doherty Associates/Forge Books
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A friend of mine once said, "Life is too short to read a book you are not enjoying". I shoulda quit while I was ahead, but the promise of the synopsis kept me going.The Cryptos Conundrum could be the weirdest, most disjointed book I have ever read. I confess to skiping a couple of chapters towards the end, and feel I missed nothing of the story. The author, Chase Brandon, is a former CIA operative. The book has been vetted by the CIA to ensure that no official secrets are revealed to the incredibly dense and easily manipulated public which it is meant to serve. The best part of the book was about the founding of the OSS and it's development into the beginnings of today's CIA. Many of these characters are real and have their place in the history of the making and running of the CIA.Then the weird stuff starts. Our hero, Dr. Jonathan S. Chalmers, is a savant. On steroids. During WWI, he has a close encounter of the third kind and is endowed with further abilities that will allow him to provide incredible insights, current and future, to the leaders of the free world. WWII brings more information from the unknown source and Dr. Chalmers' destiny is unveiled. He and he alone knows of the impending apocalypse(s) that are destined for planet Earth. Most of his activities and planning while in the service of the OSS and the CIA are in preparation for Doomsday. The conundrum is that he does not know when catastrophe will occur. As Dr. Chalmers works tirelessly to prepare Earth for it's future, he is also working on a means of passing this information on to his heirs in order that they and their descendents can carry on his mission.The solution is a sculpture installed on the grounds of CIA headquarters in Langley, Va. A code is encrypted into the sculpture that will reveal Dr. Chalmers' plan to save the world. This part of the story is true. For more information and photos regarding the sculpture, google "cia sculpture" and you will find many references. I found the Wipikedia article very informative. Further information can be had in the many groups and chat rooms that are dedicated to decoding the sculpture's message. I have no idea of how to classify this book. Spy thriller? Science fiction? Fantasy? A combination of several genres? Historical fantasy? The several threads central to the story never come together to reveal the intent of the author. I don't mind questions at the end of a book. I believe questions lead to further exploration of the elements of the story. However, The Cryptos Conundrum leaves too many questions and this reader asking what was the intent of the author in writing this book. This book is not what I expected; however, it is an expansive look at the origins, purpose, and future of humanity itself. The final climactic epilogue mirrors thoughts I have expressed only to very close friends. The book covers nearly 100 years of history in an exciting, grand, expansive view from a single, long-lived protagonist who caught a glimpse of something outside of this world during World War I that provided him purpose for the rest of his life. This book will not be what you expect, but it will not allow you to stop reading until the final words are contemplated!
Literally the worst book I ever tried to read. Couldn't get past page 54. Awful.
Never really could get into it. It had promise, but never really took off. Eh.
A horrible slog through time with an entirely unrelatable main character.
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