The Day Of The Pelican (2009)
The Day of the Pelican (2009)
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Katherine Patterson is a wonderful writer. This is a quick read and something that a young reader would be able to sympathize with the hardships this family faces. It is a story of an Albanian family during the 1990's when the Serbians under the lead of Pres. Milosevic carried out a "policy of ethnic cleansing designed to eliminate the Muslim population of Bosnia." p 142Meli and her family are torn from their home and become refugees and eventually make it to the United States. They struggle to make a home in a foreign land and finally begin to settle in and then 9/11 happens.It is based on a true story of a refugee family that came to the United States and was sponsored by a church in Vermont in 1999. Meli is an Albanian Muslim whose family has lived in Kosovo for generations. They have never caused problems or had any issues with their neighbors. But then the Serbs crack down on Kosovo as the country tries to gain independence. The Serbian president wants the territory and he has decided that the majority Muslim population must go. This begins a time of ethnic cleansing and warfare that Meli's family is caught in the middle of. The family has tried to stay out of the situation, but after her brother is arrested and beaten by Serbian police, Meli's father decides they must leave their home. They are too late, however, as they become caught up in the fighting between the Serbians and the Kosovo Liberation Army. The family is eventually forced to leave their country as refugees or be killed by the Serbians.Meli and her family cannot return home even after the Serbians have been removed from power and instead become immigrants to the United States. This also leads to many struggles for the family, from learning English to fitting in at school and finding jobs.
I really liked this book. It was very interesting.
Maine Student Book Award Nominee 2010
Vermont Reads 2010 selection
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