The Deer Watch (2013)
The Deer Watch (2013)
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0763648906 (ISBN13: 9780763648909)
Candlewick Press
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After arriving at their summer home, a boy and his father go on a much anticipated walk to see the wildlife, in particular, deer. They see many animals and birds, but no deer until after a rainstorm, a family of three deers appear. The texture of the paint and the pastelcolors of the oil paintings add greatly to the read and appreciation of the mood and the relationship of the father and son. This quiet story has much to offer A father and his son spend the together looking for a deer. They travel by new housing developments and into lands that have been conserved, but there is no deer. The boy becomes restless and makes noises even while trying to remain patient. His efforts are rewarded as the two finally see a doe and her two fawns, an experience he won't forget, partly because of the time he spent with his father and partly because of the amazing sight of deer. This is a great lesson in patience. The oil on linen illustrations and the text hearken back to a time when humans felt connected to the natural world even while civilization continues to encroach on the habitat of wildlife. It reminded me of times spent walking in the woods with my own father.
The story line was okay, but I was definitely captivated by the beautiful illustrations.
This is a great example of a "small moment" story for writing class.
Pretty but don't think it would hold kids attention for long.
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