The Defendants (2014)
The Defendants (2014)
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Subjudica House
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Rookie attorney Thaddeus Murfee is hired to defend Ermeline Ransom, accused of murdering the man who carved his name in her chest. Ermeline's persecutors are not only the District Attorney but also the Chicago Mob and Illinois governor. Set in small-town Illinois, the Governor is in the business of accepting payoffs from state contractors on construction jobs. In the end he is at the bottom of the plot to send Ermeline to the execution chamber for the murder she didn't commit. You never win against the Mob, Thaddeus is warned. Now the FBI has the lowdown on the players and Thaddeus needs their help but is afraid they will come after his client too. For Ermeline to walk away from the murder charges Thaddeus Murfee must not only prove her innocence but must also outwit the Mob and the Governor and stay alive himself. A murder trial ensues, which is followed by a show-down between the Mob's hitman and Thaddeus with surprise ending. A newly minted small town lawyer takes on his first murder case – defending a local woman accused of killing a man – only to see it escalate into one involving the mob and political corruption.This was a refreshing change from the big city, wise and wily defense attorneys always able to outmaneuver the prosecution common in the legal thriller genre. That Thad Murfee, Ellsworth’s protagonist, experienced doubts about his ability to prove his client innocent made him more realistic.Most of the characters here are fully drawn although two primary bad guys were pure caricature. One attack on Murfee had me scratching my head because what happened didn’t seem logical. And he could have done a better job with the romantic angle.There were several errors in this e-book that should have been caught in editing.Still, the story and characters were engaging enough that I’ll read more books in the series.
Lots of spelling and grammatical errors ... likeable characters.
Liked it, I will read more from this author
Enjoyable. I liked it.
Loved the intrigue
slow read
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