The Demon's Librarian (2009)
The Demon's Librarian (2009)
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Here's me reading this book:"Okay, here we go! Huh. Interesting take on the Order of the Dragon and vampires. Yep, definitely chicklit. Oh. That was interesting. Hey! Secret magical library! That's great, and I sure wish I had one. Wait, I do have one. Man, my life is awesome. Back to the story … ooo, this would make great anime! Yeah, take that bad guys and good guys; don't piss off the librarian!" No stars because I didn't finish it. I usually really enjoy Lilith Saintcrow's work, but this one fell flat for me. While the premise seemed interesting, the narrative didn't deliver on it quite fast enough to make me push through the horrid characterization of every single male in the story (except Chess' trainer, who doesn't speak on page).The hero is part demon, and that apparently causes (and excuses) nearly-irresistible urges to rape Chess if she stands too close, or gets too emotional, or smells too good, or any number of other things. Not only that, but he refuses to leave her house when she orders him to, having just found out that he's been stalking her (for her own good, of course). Not only does he not leave, he makes her breakfast (badly). He also refuses to stop calling her "sweetheart" despite numerous requests that he do so.The ex-boyfriend has been cheating on her, and when he hears that she's sick, he shows up at her door hoping that, since she's not at work, they can have sex. He doesn't take no for an answer and tries to force his way into his apartment, making the hero stand up to defend Chess (by pretending to be her boyfriend), which because he stands close to her and gets aggressive with the ex, causes one of those attacks of rapeyness.The hero's partner, who we only see for a few minutes, is a fairly stereotypical chauvinist--and that's the extent of his characterization.At some point, I may pick this back up and try to power past the beginning to get to the meat of the story, but for now I couldn't bring myself to do it.
loved it! so much fun. my favorite of the (admittedly few) books of hers that I've read.
Gave up on this one. Just couldn't connect with the characters.
too short and missing some romance but love ryan and chess.
Hard to put down
Loved it!
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