The Dogs Of Christmas (2013)
The Dogs of Christmas (2013)
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0765330555 (ISBN13: 9780765330550)
Forge Books
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Josh finds himself with a dog named Lucy. He's never had a dog before and one by one, things get a little more complicated. There's puppies, love, snow and heartbreak but there's a happy ending.It's a sweet story. A bit sickly sweet for my liking and I couldn't help feeling that Josh was maybe a little 'slow' mentally. It's not a child's book but then it didn't seem like an adults book either, so it left me kind of confused about how I felt about it. The writing at the start of this was a bit simplistic, but it got much better as it went along. Josh is nursing a broken heart and is outraged when a flaky neighbor calls him at the last minute asking him to care for his dog. The man has to leave the country in a hurry and he can't take Loose with him. When he shows up, it turns out that Loose is really Lucy who is very much pregnant. Lucy is dumped on Josh and Josh is frantic because he's never been around dogs, much less one that's about to have puppies!Josh is an interesting character who evolves into someone even more interesting because of Lucy and what happens next.I enjoyed it a lot more than I expected. Of course, I'm a sucker for dogs, Christmas stories, and happy endings so I should've seen it coming.
I'm not a dog person but this was a cute little quick holiday read. Thanks Mom!
Great little book ~ they guy knows how to write "dogs" ....great stories !
omg so good what a great Christmas story. really enjoyed
A sweet, Christmasy read. :) Who doesn't love puppies?
A quick and enjoyable read for all dog lovers.
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