The Dogs Of Winter (2012)
The Dogs of Winter (2012)
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0545399300 (ISBN13: 9780545399302)
Arthur A. Levine Books
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I love the idea of living with a pack of dogs, although on the streets of Russia would definitely NOT be my choice! For young Ivan though, this is less of a choice and more of a necessity. He finds himself alone and struggling for survival in the harsh climate of a tough city at a time of nationwide poverty and starvation. Everyone agrees that children shouldn't be living on the streets, but the alternatives are undesirable too and Ivan becomes one of the millions of homeless fighting for survival.Ivan does make a choice about his future though. He cannot abide the way people treat each other and the things humans will do to each other to survive. He sees brutality everywhere he goes, and comradeship and love in the way the wild dogs live. He manages to befriend one of the wild canines and works his way into their pack. Before he knows it, he finds love and care amongst the pack and, as their relationship blossoms, he becomes more and more part of their group and less and less "human".The writing seemed a bit fairy-tale like and naïve at first, but this was really appropriate to the character of Ivan being only 5yrs old in the beginning. It gained power as he saw more harsh reality and, even though he goes on to talk less and less in the novel, the eloquence the story is written with is brilliant.Sadly, this book has it's roots in the harsh reality that there were, are and will be a huge number of people living rough and struggling to survive on the streets of any western society. They become increasingly "invisible" to those going about their daily business. Those that do try to help often have an agenda. The only people that tend to see them are people you wouldn't want to be seen by!Bobbie Pyron's written a brilliant book in The Dogs of Winter. It links up with Russian folklore in a well informed way that explains some of the countries key mythology (for those haven't heard of Baba Yaga before) and beautifully describes the relationship between man and dog. After reading 185 pages of The Dogs Of Winter by Bobbie Pyron, I chose to to read it for my second book report. I chose to read it for my book report because I thought it was a wonderful book that is filled with adventures and many suspenseful parts. Another reason I chose to read this book was because the book can be filled with parts that make you sad or happy. Lastly, thought this book was amazing because of all the stories and plots. Because of these reasons, I rated the book 5 stars. However, this couldn't change if I were to read the book in its entirety.
heart breaking story about a Russian orphan. But a bit too long, so three stars instead of four.
2nd book in on VT's DCF award list for 2013-14. I will be recommending this to many readers.
It is a very touch story which shows how a boy could be friends with dogs!
Kid 1 REALLY struggled between the 4-5 star rating!
This book was so amazing
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