The Doula (2012)
The Doula (2012)
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Many of the reviews were negative. Some complained about the main character's personality/attitudes. Yes, she needs therapy but there is nothing wrong with that. She had a lot of stuff to deal with.....she is very family oriented (which seems to be a no/no in today's society). Her closeness with her mother and her willingness to protect her is not a weakness - I feel rather a strength. The only disappointment I had was not enough actual descriptions of the doula job. I find doulas to be amazing. They do the job that should be accomplished by the partner and many men just cannot do it. They get lost and out of control many times. I thoroughly enjoyed I really enjoyed this one and am surprised at the many negative reviews here. Yes there are a few grammatical errors which I've seen happen in an authors first book before - guess they don't hire good proofreader s for them. The main character does have her faults - chose to live too sheltered of a life, kept too many of her mother's secrets, and makes mistakes due to her emotions. Overall I liked the tale of a woman reinventing herself in a new town and with a new career. She finally allowed herself to fully grow up by moving away from her family. I did think that the strained relationship between her and MG was strange considering they were supposed best friends. Your best friend lives a few hours drive away and you've never been to her house or met her husband?
I found the main character to be whiney and annoying. What she really needed was a good therapist.
I liked it. Portions dragged, but I always wanted to read more.
Good book, easy reading. Deeper subject matter. Worth reading.
some decent chapters but seemed formulaic to me.
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