The Drowning Spool (2014)
The Drowning Spool (2014)
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0425270084 (ISBN13: 9780425270080)
Berkley Hardcover
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This is one of my favorite craft mystery series -- set in a Minneapolis needlework shop and focusing on a different needlework technique in each book, this series generally is everything you want in a craft mystery series (if you are into them) -- scenic and cozy locale (here, in the Minneapolis area), descriptions of craft techniques, disparate people bonding and gossiping over their crafting work, fun supporting characters, and a relatable amateur sleuth at the helm. I wasn't a fan of this particular book, however -- the mystery was fine, but a lot of the book was devoted to descriptions of things I did not care about (the pool filtration room, for example) rather than crafting. Supporting characters barely made a cameo (only one brief scene of collective work), and the particular craft (punch needle) was not described well enough for me, as someone who isn't familiar to picture it. Hopefully this is just a one-off in an otherwise fun and readable series. Who wrote this book? I've enjoyed this series up until now. They're always unrealistic, sure, but the local setting and the relationships of Betsy with Goddy and Connor and fairly clever plotting has made them fun reads. This one has so many ridiculous coincidences, so much wooden dialog, important scenes that get cut off and then just summarized later, interspersed with scenes telling in excruciating detail what DMC floss colors someone is changing...ugh. And Betsy is suddenly someone with absolutely NO skill in interpersonal communications. Her conversations with people are painful. I made it about 3/4 of the way through and finally gave up. Realized I really didn't care who killed Teddy. (And the narrator of the audio version is painful, too.)
I was disappointed. The story didn't involve her shop and customers like the previous books.
Consistently satisfying! I really enjoy this cozy series. It's always consistent read.
Another good one in Monica Ferris's Needlecraft mystery series!
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