The Earth Dwellers (2000)
The Earth Dwellers (2000)
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Here we are, at the end of this long, epic journey. I highly recommend reading these in the order David Estes suggests. You will get the most out of the story that way. Please, save this book for last.This book will answer questions that you've been waiting to get answers to. It is a page turner, like the rest, and it gives a satisfying ending to a journey I'm sad to see go. Although it's seven books long, seven wasn't enough for me. I wanted more of Adele and Siena, and their story is one I'll reread in the future.David Estes is nothing short of an amazing, talented author. I found him by accident and had this saga hanging out in my Kindle for ages before I started it. I'm not sure why that is, but it was worth the wait. FANTASTIC ENDING!Oh, I am so sad to see these characters go! I couldn't put this book down. The action between all the various dynamics was incredible. There were so many unpredictable turns and twists it was a fast paced read, for sure!All the dynamics that I loved in the previous books were again present. The various plot lines being woven together, the commentary on social inequality, women's roles in society, the role of power in the world. They are the underlying pulse of the story, but aren't told or made obnoxiously obvious. They are powerful and subtle. I cannot comment enough on how I love the way he merges the difference aspects of not just the plot, but the characters themselves so that there is a constant tension when you're reading. This book felt more emotional than the others. As the final book, there was also finality in many pieces of the story. It didn't feel forced or unnecessary, just the end.I have always liked the powerful women in these books, and how Tawni develops into her own. However, in this book we are introduced to another character, and she walks us through just another aspect of how dynamic people are. She is seen as strong and broken at the same time, and because of this inconsistency she becomes untrustworthy. I thought that was a very interesting look at how we perceive others and how that impacts our assumptions towards them.I will read more of this author in the future.
What a fantastic way to bring two series together for a united finish.
perfect way to end this series. what a fun ride.
No review now because my PC broke down.
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