The Family We're Born With (2013)
The Family We're Born With (2013)
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A simple story about family dynamics. Some of the subjects felt a little intense to be in something so short. I don't know if this is a series, but it feels like it should be the short in between other longer books. ...and 2 mins laterwhy, yes, it IS a series. Interestingly, it's the first book. It feels both like an epilogue and setup, so that's odd. I don't know if I'll read Rick's story, but maybe. First off, the guy in the front cover(with facial hair) totally looks like someone I know... So that was what catch my eye. Then I read the summary and it sounded like a good story. It has the 'coming out' feel to it, but with a twist. In this story, we have a family whose son has already came out to them. In fact, he has been with his partner for five years. The twist is, Jesse finds out he has a half-brother. His mother is worried about his half-brother's, Sam, reaction to having a gay brother. So his mother asked him to not bring his partner over for their first meet up.I liked the flow of the story. You got to 'see' the argument on both sides. It shows that not, everyone isn't perfect. What counts is where the heart is when you try to debate your point. His mother loves him and his partner. Sure, it was a bit to get around at first, but they love Devon like their own son. Devon, is obvious the calming person the their partnership. He views both point of views and can see/understand where they (Jesse v. his mother) are both coming from.Then we have Sam. Sam of course feels nervous about meeting his biological family for the first time. Though, isn't Emily his 'half-sister'. In the story states, 'his sister and half-brother'. They are both his half-siblings. Well, anyhow, he in fact is a bit happy to find out that Jesse is gay. Then, perhaps he can help Sam with his other brother. Good story, looking forward to reading the next story.
I liked it so much!Can't wait for the second part.
What a sweet holiday novella! Loved it!
Great Christmas story.
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