The Fight For Identity (2013)
The Fight for Identity (2013)
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The Fight for Identity is the third book in The Good Fight series, and I think my current favourite. This one starts years ago when Will first sees Takoda at the midsummer ritual held on sacred land to the Sioux (land that happens to be owned by Will’s grandfather).Fast-forward to now, Gramps is gone, Will’s father Kevin owns the land and H A T E S natives with an unreal passion (sadly, I’ve met men just like Kevin). This is where the real story begins. Takoda and Will meet once again and Will sets out to help Takoda and the Sioux people, never realizing that in so doing, he would find his heart and his true home.The Fight for Identity is in my opinion on of Mr. Grey’s best story. It is also a much needed story and journey to be shared as the troubles Mr. Grey puts his characters through are actual RL problems. Each of the Good Fight series books has been this way and I wholeheartedly recommend all 4 books in the series! It touched me deeply and will be one I read again and again both for it’s love and for it’s power. Another excellent story in The Good Fight series, this story focuses on Takoda, Bryce's IT assistant. He meets Will when they are teens and he spots Will observing his tribe's summer celebration on Will's grandfather's land. Both are strangely affected by the meeting but move on with their lives. As the main storyline opens, Will returns home from college and finds that his father can accept his being gay but not his support of the Sioux tribe. Will's father inherited the land from his grandfather and has barred the tribe from celebrating their annual summer event. Will goes behind his back and grants permission when he has a chance meeting with Takoda who has visited the area to pray alone. The young men start a relationship, struggle with Will's father's obstinance, decide they can't stay together and ultimately do resolve the principal issues keeping them apart. Without revealing the interesting twist in the plot, I will say that it was a surprise and I loved it. I also loved the HEA. I hope Mr. Grey keeps going with this series. It would be really nice to see a story for Chay-- hint, hint. I highly recommend this book and this whole series to anyone who loves Andrew Grey's writing, and to anyone who is interested in the Sioux Nation.
hmmm i want one of these Indians too
the best Andrew Grey's book so far
Simply beautiful.
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