The Fireman Who Loved Me (2012)
The Fireman Who Loved Me (2012)
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This was an amazing story about a news producer and firefighter falling in love despite their best intentions. Melissa isn't interested in a relationship, especially after the heartbreak she previously experienced. And that goes double for fire captain Harry Brody. The novel opens with Melissa attending a firefighter bachelor auction with her grandmother. She walks out after a while (crazy person, who would do that?) and bumps into our fire captain. They both can't stop thinking about the other and the story continues from there. I really didn't like the exes both making an appearance and throwing a wrench into the works. It just seemed to be too excessive and not presented very well. I did like the overall story and their chemistry from day one was sizzling. For a debut novel it was really good and I will continue with the rest of the stories in the series. Grandmother Nelly always gets to choose her own birthday treat - and for this birthday, it's the bachelor firefighter date auction. When 25-year old sexy firefighter Ryan squicks out, even sexier Captain Brody takes his place. Since Grandmother Nelly had always intended to bail on the date and send her granddaughter, news producer Melissa McGuire in her place, it's the start of a hot romance. Even with an early-bird, "easily digestible" dinner.This book is light, funny, and very sexy. My only dislike is the barriers that keep these two apart seem contrived, and easily dissolved with one good heart-to-heart. There are also interfering, and somewhat cartoonish exes; the books is almost 375 pages, and it dragged more than a little. Good beach read; fun but not earthshattering.
I liked this cute little romance. I read it on a day and it made me feel good.
Nice fast fun read filled with very descriptive words and sentences.
Cute and quirky little story. Good characters - loved Nelly!
Love her books.
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