The First Warm Evening Of The Year: A Novel (2012)
The First Warm Evening of the Year: A Novel (2012)
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0061449725 (ISBN13: 9780061449727)
William Morrow
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Refreshing to read a love story novel written by a man, particularly who isn't Nicolas Sparks confusing romance with bathos. (Actually, I've never read Sparks: the couple of films I've seen, at the recommendation of a friend, have served as a deterrent.) Women churn out romance novels as they once did butter, and frequently the results are more like margarine. At least as frequently as I've read them, which, really, isn't saying much.While the premise seems unlikely, never-the-less this book does take on some of the complications which ensue when the great love spider begins spinning its web and two mere mortals find themselves being caught in its tangles. The setting moves from sophisticated in New York to folksy in pastoral surroundings; there's no 'action' to speak of, but emotional complexity seems to abound. It's a great spring-summer read and very well written. Saul has a writing style both sweet and savoury, and this novel goes down easy. The life of a confirmed bachelor living in New York City takes an unexpected turn when he receives word that he has been named the executor of a college friend's estate. He relives their long ago friendship as he travels to her hometown to see to the sale of her house and the distribution of her belongings. He is immediately attracted to her widowed friend who has yet to come to terms with her husband's death. And so it begins! I liked this book for quite a while, but then it just got so wordy - lots of time spent examining relationships and feelings, and very little action.
This book was, for me, a nice surprise. It was a gentle love story that I enjoyed very much.
Beautifully written but I found it exhausting to process
Wouldn't recommend
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