The Forgotten Seamstress Free Preview (The First 4 Chapters) (2014)
The Forgotten Seamstress Free Preview (The First 4 Chapters) (2014)
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What a wonderful book! This story had me from the beginning. Caroline discovers a old quilt hidden away in her mother's attic. The journey she takes to find out the origin of the quilt and it's story is a fascinating tale.There are many "secrets" hidden in the quilt and as they are revealed tells a fascinating story.A beautiful story. Worth every one of the five stars I have rated it.You should read it! I checked out right about the time I read the line "what could a crown prince possibly want with a lowly servant girl?" when referring not to marriage, but a physical relationship. Duh. What crown princes and other nobles have wanted from servant girls since the beginning of time. It was just one of the many instances where the characters felt 2D and unimaginative. Seriously, I could not roll my eyes enough.
A quick read. Was predictable at times, but still enjoyable and perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon.
I really enjoyed this book. A mystery that follows a quilt over many generations.
Great book! Surprise ending that wraps it up nicely.
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