The Fourth Stall (2011)
The Fourth Stall (2011)
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0061994960 (ISBN13: 9780061994968)
Walden Pond Press
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Do you have problem and no one left to help you? Mac is your guy. He and his business partner, Vince, are here to get you hall passes, fake doctors notes, or special video games - for a small price of course. Their office is located in the East Wing boy’s bathroom, fourth stall from the high window. Business was great until a third grader, Fred, gave Mac a seemingly impossible task to protect him from the legendary Staples. Not much was known about Staples. He was presumably in high school and runs a gambling ring throughout the entire town, including right at Mac’s school. Lots of rumors explained him to be incredibly strong and fierce. Nobody could take down Staples. Will Mac be able to defeat this crime boss with the help of a the toughest bullies in school or will he become just another victim. Are you in trouble? Mac can help you with that. All you need to do is go into the fourth stall in the East Wing boy’s bathroom (Mac’s office). Mac and his partner and best friend Vince can help you solve all your problems, like helping you get test answers, getting movie tickets, and even getting you video games, but for some money in return. Everything was going fine until Fred, a third grader, needs some protection from the legendary, Staples. As Mac gets deeper and deeper into cracking the case he starts to lose his business more and more. Written by Chris Rylander, The Fourth Stall is a great book for kids in middle school. I really liked this book because I liked some of the character's names, such as Kitten or The Hutt.
I think that was a good action book with betrayal of someone that is least suspected.
I don't have enough interest to read the next one. Or the next one after that.
It was a good book. I read it two years ago.... But its good
It was entertaining and suspentsful.
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