The Fourth Stall Part III (2013)
The Fourth Stall Part III (2013)
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Walden Pond Press
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I really enjoyed this book, “The Fourth Stall”, by “Chris Rylander”.This book takes place in your average middle school. This book was about a character named "Christian" his nickname was "Mac". Christian tries to protect his school from danger and other issues. Not only did he care for his school, but also he especially cared for his friends. At the end of the book he was expelled from his school. There was a boy named "Vince", who was Christian's best friend since the 4th grade. They both were about to get expelled because they ran a business to protect their school from bullies, and hackers, but it was without the principal's permission. But then Christian stood up, and told principal Dickerson that he was the one who caused the trouble, which wasn't true because Vince and Christian both caused it. The reason why they ran a business is because people kept trying to destroy their school, people like bullies and hackers. At the end, the principal didn't allow it to happen anymore.I personally think that Mac is your type of hero that can make your day. Anytime there was a bully coming toward your way, he would put a stop to it and right away! In the beginning, there was a bully named “Staples” he was the biggest bully out of them all, Mac tried to stop him by himself, but he couldn’t, Mac gathered a lot of bullies that could stop Staples immediately, since he didn’t want his school to die, because he loved it, especially he cared for it. At the end of the story, it came to an end right away.I highly recommend this book to people who love mysterious books, but I surely wouldn't recommend this book to people who dislike action/mystery books because this book had a lot of action, even when Mac and the bullies had to take down staples, staples was the bully by the way, he kept trying to bully every single kid in mac's school. There was too much fights going on, so I wouldn't recommend it to people who dislike actionable books, or mystery books, because they had to find the person who was trying to bully, and take down mac's school. Overall, you should read this book! It'll drive your mind quickly to the end of the story! Book three picks up as the founders of the school’s criminal syndicate, Mac and Vince, are entering 7th grade and enjoying retirement (albeit a forced one). Both boys have come to realize that the evil of their ways, though lucrative, was immensely time-consuming and stressful. Mere days into the new shcool year go by before they find themselves embroiled in new and nefarious events: co-opting their defunct business to a new kid at school, dealing with their old nemesis Staples and looking into competition from a 3rd grade crime boss at the local elementary school. Mac and Vince, despite facing expulsion, dive back into their old way in an effort to save their school from underhanded hijinx at the hands of Kinko. The same cast of characters from Part I and Part II find a new role in this series.While the plot was amusing and certainly a go to pick for 6th & 7th grade boys, the plot was so convoluted that it would be difficult for a reader to jump into this storyline. The characters were interesting and you do genuinely like Mac and Vince. Much like Joey Pigza in its appeal to reluctant readers, this series also walks a fine line between humor and moral appropriateness. That said, this seems to be a winning series in terms of large appeal to the middle school student.Recommended for optional purchase.
My 8-yr started it, but wasn't interested in finishing it.
Best one yet? I think it might be! Full review to come.
the middle school version of the godfather
Good. I like Vince's quotes
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