The Friend Zone (2000)
The Friend Zone (2000)
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I've enjoyed nearly all of Ms Callihan's books, but this one is my favorite. I read the Game on series out of order starting with this one, quite by accident actually. Amazon suggested it to me after I read another similar book by another author and the write up intrigued me enough to try the sample, which in turn hooked me enough to buy the book. I fell in love with Grey and Ivy, the texting made me laugh out loud, the romance made me sigh in bliss and the sheer beauty of the story will live on in my heart and mind for a very long time. Beautiful story, wonderful characters, I had to give it five stars and if there had been another hundred stars to give I'd have given them all.Thank you Kristen Callihan, and Bravo! In a landscape of "instant chemistry", it is interesting to see sparks of the friendship variety precede the physical ones (and I had to catch myself from thinking it was "far fetched", as it is no more, and maybe less, of a stretch than the instant physical awareness so common in the genre). Still, once the sexual interest comes on line, it's only the characters' baggage that keeps them apart. I was less interested in this half of the story, though their romance, once unleashed, is very hot.
This exceeded my expectations by far! In my opinion, this was better than The Hookup.
Next book will be Dex and Fiona's story, won't it?
4.5 stars
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