The Geek Job (2011)
The Geek Job (2011)
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0986915408 (ISBN13: 9780986915406)
Eve Langlais
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I hadn't ready anything by Eve Langlais for a while, and figured I'd give this paranormal a try, since it's a BOTM selection.Lexie, a werewolf, agrees to take on the job of bodyguard for Anthony, a scientist who disavows the possibility of 'other.' Unbeknownst to Anthony, his employer's a vampire who wants him to find a cure for his 'allergy' to the sun. Lexie and Anthony discover a mutual attraction, and hey..Lexie needs an excuse to stay with Anthony, so they hit the sheets at a conference, and lots of hot sex ensues. However, Lexie knows she can't stay with Anthony, she's too strong, so she leaves him. Eventually, of course, Anthony discovers Lexie's secret, and he's so determined to be with her, that he decides to turn himself into a werewolf...Lexie's a really strong aggressive heroine -- she knows what she wants and likes, and goes after it, and she's unapologetic about her sexuality. However, I really liked Anthony's character. He's rather shy and unsure about women, and Lexie really rocks his world. But as he falls hard for her, he becomes much more confident and self-assured, and after his Extreme Makeover, he's pretty badass...:)So..3 stars. Decent and easy shifter read. Enjoyable but light on plot heavy on sex. If that's what you're looking for this book is for you. Lexie is a werewolf for hire, she does odd jobs for high price and this job entails that she be the bodyguard of Anthony, a genius science geek who is working on curing his employer of his "sun allergy". His employer hires Lexie to get him occupied while keeping him safe from attacks. What then happens is that feelings develop and the rest goes from there.
I loved it. Great read and who doesn't enjoy a sexy geek!
Was good to much hanky panky tho
I liked it...made me smile :)
Another great story.
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