The Genius And The Muse (2012)
The Genius and the Muse (2012)
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When I first began the book I was on the fence. I didn't know where the story was going. I didn't have a clear idea of who the H was going to be and I wasn't certain if I wanted to read a book where the main character was forced to share "screen" time with another couple. Rarely do I enjoy books that employ consistent flashbacks that aren't related to the main characters. This book was different. It blew me away. Once I had a clear idea of the direction of the book, I became completely invested. I loved the relationship between the H and h. LOVED! I loved their interactions. I believed in them and their connection and I adored the H. His love, his vulnerability...sigh. I also liked that the h was idealistic and sometimes spoke without a filter because she was desperate to understand how an all encompassing love could wither to nothing. I liked her passion, it felt real. I also liked that those around her didn't allow her to get away with it, because that felt real as well. This book was authentic and I couldn't believe how deeply I was affected by all of the characters, especially by the second romantic couple that the book was focused on. Read it in one day. I am a fan of Hunter's more fantasy and paranormal books, and not a big romance fan (unless it's within another genre). But I liked her characters and the premise behind the book. The development of the characters flowed smoothly throughout, and in many ways was a realistic view of how life doesn't always go as planned, whether for better or worse. My only criticism is the lack of friends Kate seems to have in the book, especially when she goes through difficult times. She mentions once that she would hope her friends last the way the other circle of friends had stayed close, but there weren't any to really speak of, except in the opening of the book. I could totally see this on the big screen, or even as a TV movie (but hopefully not like a lifetime, poorly acted and sappy story). I kept picturing actors to play Javi and Reed, the girls were easy to picture. I like how the characters are multicultural too - again a more realistic view of how relationships are in our present society. So giving this one four stars, and will keep looking out for more of Elizabeth Hunter's work.Oh, and my favorite line was when Reed compared the actress's fake beauty to "a thin layer of snow on a dirty street." Perfect.
Good book. stand alone. About artist's and their love of art and each other.
Loved the book, great angsty artist character
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