The Gingerbread Bride (2014)
The Gingerbread Bride (2014)
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Beware of the gingerbread cookies!! This whole cute, humorous and charming tale of love and misunderstanding gave me that “feel good” Christmas spirit. I was giggling with the banter and antics of the sisters, the poor boy who just wanted to fulfill his Christmas Eve wish and the father who had no clue what was going on. Maddie loves Harlan but doesn’t think he feels the same way for her – so she goes to desperate measures! Poor Harlan is just trying to declare his love – will they be able to correct the misunderstanding? Will everyone forgive her? This was well written and flowed throughout the story. It is full of Christmas spirit and family love. I recommend! I received this book for an honest review. The Gingerbread Bride. The 12 Brides of Christmas Series By: Amy LillardThe Gingerbread Bride is the sixth book in The 12 Brides of Christmas Series. This story begins on Christmas eve, 1870 in the tiny town of Calico Falls in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas. Madeline Joy Sinclair has had her eye on Harlan Calhoun for awhile now as the man she loves and wants to marry. Maddie feels she is not the prettiest of the two sisters in the household. Maddie thinks she needs a little help in getting Harlan to fall in love with her as her prayers are not being answered quite fast enough for her. Maddie feels maybe the Old Lady Farley can help her with making it happen faster. She barters for some herbs that are suppose to be a "Love Potion" to help Harlan fall in love with her on Christmas Eve. Harlan is invited to supper and Maddie serves him a generous portion of Gingerbread laced cookies made with Miss Farley's "Love Potion". When Maddies older sister Grace finds her out, she makes Maddie feel guilty about not trusting the Lord to answer her prayers and the evening is now laced with antics to keep Harlan from asking Pastor Sinclair, Maddies father, for Maddies hand in marriage. Harlan had been planning on proposing on Christmas Eve all along but Maddie now won't believe that the "Love Potion" hasn't tricked him into proposing. This was so fun watching how many ways Maddie and her sister tried to stop Harlan from proposing while under the influence of the potion. I really enjoyed this sweet romantic Christmas story and I think you will too.I was gifted The Gingerbread Bride from Barbour Publishing for my honest opinion which I have given.
This one was outright hilarious! I'll definitely be checking out more of Amy Lillard's writing...
So far, this is my favorite book of the advent bride series. Very cute and very well written.
Very comical story. Totally loved it. Magic potions and love. Cameos and mistletoe!
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