The Good God: Enjoying Father, Son And Spirit (2012)
The Good God: Enjoying Father, Son and Spirit (2012)
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This was probably the best theological book I have read in a long while. Its easy to come to such books thinking that the subject matter may be not so practical, however, this book was anything but impractical. The author does a masterful job of explaining why it is so important that God is triune and also why we as believers must always view God and worship him as a triune God. For example, if God were a "single person God" (e.g. Allah or Aristotle's Unmoved mover) and has always existed, could we say that this single person God is a loving God? In eternity past, who would this God be loving? Well, in fact no one. So this single person God's only option to be a God of love and thus be loving is to create. However, if this God does such a thing his love becomes dependent upon his creation. Also, why would he love his creation? He has never loved before so why start now? The single person God then is a God who is a cold, distant, and dependent. But this is not how the triune God of the Bible is. God has always existed as a trinity, and in eternity past what was God the Father, God the Son, and God the Spirit doing? They were loving each other in perfect harmony(Jn 17:24). There was never a time when the triune God's love was not. It flows from God's very character and is shared with each person of the trinity in perfect harmony. This then gives us confidence that God will love us, since God has always been a God of love. This also shows that all of creation doesn't exist so that God can love. Since the persons of the trinity have always loved each other perfectly, God's choice to create doesn't come from necessity but rather from the outflow of the love that has always existed between each member of the Trinity. If God the Father has always loved the Son through the Spirit, then why not create creatures to share within this love that has always existed? Thus, we are created to share in this divine love. And believe me, if you want to see why this is practical, read the book and find out. I underestimated this book. As someone who would label the doctrine of the Trinity as their favorite area of theology to study and explore, I was surprised by Delighting in the Trinity. I would liken it to the Gospel of John in that you can read it quickly and glean great things, yet you can also read it under a microscope and still not have exhausted its depth. This book took me longer than I expected to read partly because it was better in quality than I anticipated. This book is only an introduction and is delightfully brief, so adjust your expectations accordingly. It is not a robust apologetic work that will answer every question about the Trinity that a critic may inquire. The book presumes a basic belief in God and the authority of scripture and is, as a result, a great book for a Sunday school class, or growing believers who are starting to ask bigger questions but are not yet ready to digest De Trinitate. Reeves strikes a great balance between scripture and the history of the church as he examines the Christian Faith in light of the Trinity. Delighting in the Trinity should be one of your first stops if you have never heard a book about the Trinity, but if you have read fifty I think you will still find yourself led to worshipping the Father, Son, and Spirit by being piously reminded who God is, what He has done, and what He is going to do.
Excellent read. Recommend to all seeking an understanding of Who the God of the Bible is.
Accessible, clear, helpful, devotional & enjoyable. My fav book on this subject.
Excellent study of the Holy Spirit. Theological while practical.
Maybe the best book I've read this year. Excellent.
Outstanding. I'd say top 10 books I've ever read.
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