The Great Leader And The Fighter Pilot: The True Story Of The Tyrant Who Created North Korea And The Young Lieutenant Who Stole His Way To Freedom (2000)
The Great Leader and the Fighter Pilot: The True Story of the Tyrant Who Created North Korea and The Young Lieutenant Who Stole His Way to Freedom (2000)
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Really two independent stories, one a political history of North Korea with a focus on Kim Il Sung, the second on the young MIG pilot who flew his plan out of the North and landed, almost unnoticed on the tarmac of a large US airbase in the south. The story of the pilot is fascinating and reads like a novel. While it bogs down somewhat towards the end, it is a little known story that is remarkable in its sheer audacity. The Kim Il Song story is well told, but fairly well trodden ground for anyone who has read about North Korea or the Korean War in the past. Even as a history buff, I admit I knew very little about Korean history or the Korean war before reading this book. I'm very glad I did read it, as it is a great primer on both subjects.This book is told from two perspectives: the life of Kim Il Sung, the Great Leader (grandfather of Kim Jong Un, the current leader of North Korea) and the life of No Kum Sok, the pilot who stole a plane at the end of the Korean war and surrendered it to American soldiers. It is a tale of the rise of Communism in North Korea, as well as the tale of those who were against it.
Excellent.....interesting the political insight and an amazing personal story.
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Sped read it. Very interesting I leaned a lot
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