The Halo Chronicles: The Guardian (2011)
The Halo Chronicles: The Guardian (2011)
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All I can say about this book is the annoying romance between two kids who barely know each other and already love each other and would die for each other. I need something more than 10 year olds declaring their love for each other but I guess that's what I get for reading an angel book. Looking for something a little more real between the characters, they're too dead and boring. Not to mention the female lead, she got on my nerves the most. All she did was complain and whine about why anyone would love her. It's like get over yourself, no cares. The other characters were just as annoying but tolerable. This story had no plot, no real characters and definitely not a REAL love story. So read it if you want but after a couple chapters I wanted to stop but I seriously hoped it would pick up in the end but was sorely disappointed. CAN I GET THOSE HOURS OF MY LIFE BACK. um...this was like a train wreck...I had to finish spending lots of time with my hands covering my eyes. Remember back when the Twilight movie debuted and lots of screaming little 'tweens were lining up to see it? There was an article on Yahoo, explaining to the mothers of these little balls of quaking hormones, how to explain the Unreality of the movie and storyline..."boys don't think about you all day like that" and "No.. boys don't sit and stare at you during class like that" etc., etc. (Personally, I have no idea what this vampire dude did during the book or the film because..GASP! I never read the books nor saw the movies!)Anywho, these little, Twilight warnings kept popping into my head as I read The Guardian..I mean, sigh...really? It was a good concept, great idea, but so...sappy and icky love sweet...I mean, really...who falls in love like this? Sorry..a bit over the top for me. I won't be finishing the series.
couldnt put it down.. hope theres a second book soon!!!
I really loved this story and can't wait to read more.
There MUST be a sequel. I demand it.
What the hell did I just read?
Gabriel... Sly creature, huh?
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