The Hatchery (1) - The Prey (2000)
The Hatchery (1) - The Prey (2000)
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DNF. Gave the review copy the 50 page rule and had to stop. While the premise of the plot is a good one, the bland writing left gaping holes in the story and made the characters forgettable and dull. After 50 pages, I got what was supposed to be going on, but there was no fluid course from one plot point to another. There is almost no world building whatsoever. As you read your just floundering along, trying to put everything together without getting any real information. I think this would have been better suited for a mid grade audience, minus the killing of course. In a dystopian US, we meet Book, who is an LT in a camp, and Hope and Faith, twins who have been on the run from the government with their father. When he dies, he tells the girls to split up because they are twins, but Hope thinks that Faith won't survive without her. In the meantime, Book meets a boy, Cat, who shows up at his camp injured. Cat tells Book that LT means Less Than, and tells him that all of the boys in the camp are somehow damaged by all of the radiation, and are used as a breeding ground for people for the government to hunt for fun. Hope and Faith get captured by the people running the camp for girls, and are the subject of horrible medical experimentations with very bad endings. There is a brief romance between Book and Hope against all of the odds, some mystery involving the girls' father, and attempts at escaping the system which results in being chased around by evil people.Strengths: A dystopia with a military feel. Lots of action. A little romance. Quick read.Weaknesses: Horrible treatment of people by other people. Sadistic, Mengele-like treatment, with very little mention of motivation for said treatment. What I really think: This was super depressing, a bit oddly written, and had a lot of really nasty human-on-human violence, which is something I can't stand. Won't buy.
Page turner indeed! Couldn't put it down!
Great book. Interesting ending.
Wow just wow!
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