The Honeymoon Cottage: A Pajaro Bay Cozy Mystery + Sweet Romance (2012)
The Honeymoon Cottage: A Pajaro Bay Cozy Mystery + Sweet Romance (2012)
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0615635938 (ISBN13: 9780615635934)
Pajaro Bay Publishing
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Looking for romance? Or suspense? Or even mystery? Then this book is probably the one for you. I received the book for free through Goodreads First Reads and the image that popped up in my mind when I first saw the cover, was: too romantic, average, without deeper thought, without any changes in the characters. I was very pleased that the cover was deceiving and I found out that 'The Honeymoon Cottage' is a lot more than that. Not only the plot itself is interesting, but I also liked the change in attitude of Camilla towards her past, her father and people in general. The fact that Ryan went also through difficult time was quite refreshing, unlike in many other books, where the man is a shallow character. All in all, despite the fact that the synopsis may sound like cliché and rather not-eye-catching cover, the book is definitely worth reading and I bet you'll be really surprised. Disclaimer: I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway contest.Now to the good stuff. I loved this book. Barbara really developed her characters well. I felt like I knew Camilla and Ryan as their story progressed. And little Oliver grew on me as more of his story came to light as the story progressed. I would really enjoy living in Pajarro Bay. It sounded to me like the perfect place to live and love. I look forward to reading more of Barbara's stories set in Pajarro Bay.
Enjoyable read and had a nice pace where I could put it down and pick back up without any problem.
Very good.....want to read her other books
pleasantly surprised. enjoyable.
Very cute. Worth the read.
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