The House Girl (2013)
The House Girl (2013)
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0062207393 (ISBN13: 9780062207395)
William Morrow
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Starting with the silhouette on the front cover, we have a story that pretends to focus on the black slave, Josephine but really is a book about white, good samaritans "saving" their black counterparts. The silhouette on the front cover has caucasian hair and facial features though it is assumed that it is the house girl herself. The story is interesting enough but the it would have been nice if the house girl had actually been the hero. Set in two time periods, the modern and the pre-Civil war period, this novel may be fiction, but it is clear that the author researched her material before writing this. I especially liked reading about the depiction of life on a plantation in the South, since it was unromanticized and unflinching with regards to both its white and black characters, with enough emotional depth to keep me interested. I also liked the mystery/art history aspect of the book, which takes place in today's world. Well written and very enjoyable.
Read at the same time as Wendell Berry's Hidden Wound.
Started off strong...a little drawn out though
I loved this...very different from The Help
Loved it from beginning to end.
Enjoyed this book very much.
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