The Hunger Games Tribute Guide (2012)
The Hunger Games Tribute Guide (2012)
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0545457823 (ISBN13: 9780545457828)
Scholastic Press
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I bought this when I was going through my Hunger Games phase (I can assure you I am no longer obsessed). As a huge Hunger Games fan I loved this little book. The pictures were great and it gave you lots of information on the tributes and other aspects in the book. However, I think we all know this is just another silly little money maker and, well, it doesn't really tell you anything you don't already know. Anyhow, if you want to buy it, go ahead. Don't let me stop you, and anyway, I DID actually really enjoy reading it (well, reading the few words scattered throughout the book). More of a play–by–play of the movie up to the Games, absolutely nothing new or groundbreaking that any fans of the books would not already know. It would be more suitable for those who only watched the movies and never read the books. The narrative gets really awkward and weird once Katniss gets into the picture where it gets switched constantly. Very unprofessionally done with hardly any editing and seemingly produced just to make some quick buck. There are no interesting additional info on the tributes or the people behind the scenes, I would suggest to read the actual book series rather than wasting money on this as it is hardly worth the pricetag since it can be finished in less than 30 minutes.
Loved learning about the movie, tributes, and how it went more in depth in the movie.
It was ok, it didn't go into as much depth as I would have wanted it to.
It's not that good. It's mainly a lot of pictures.
It was great seeing all the tributes pictures.
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