The Hurricane (2000)
The Hurricane (2000)
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I actually really liked this book. It was a simple, pure story and the characters were genuine. I liked how they worked hard to get out of their circumstances. It wasn't overly dramatic and it also wasn't a "shiny wrapped in a big bow" easy happy ending. It might not be for everyone but that said, I enjoyed it and it's head and shoulders above some of the manwhore dimwit books around. Give it a go. I really loved seeing the character she evolved into. She was really abused and did not just change all of a sudden. It still took some work well towards the end of the book. I realllllly could not stand how they would have their thoughts, going back and forth on the same shit. Over and over again. Then it got real wordy and sappy. This tough guy that will fight his friends that hit on Em and then is just so unrealistically super sweet to her. I couldn't buy it nor swallow it. If this seems like your type, you will love it. I just wanted this book to end because it was so repetitive in the middle and on. Like she was trying to fill up her book :(
Straight up solid book! Move over alpha males - Con is the man I want in every book from now on!
I like this, but is it impossible to have NA characters who don't have fucked-up pasts???
Don't you just want a Cormac O'Connell of your own ❤️
It was okay. 4 stars.
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