The Idiots' Tango (2013)
The Idiots' Tango (2013)
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This story put a smile on my face. There's a very, very, very slow buildup to the romance between Josh and Stu. It picks up a lot more towards the end and it works for me.Apparently, it's obvious to everyone around them but not Josh (and really not that obvious to the reader) that there's some kind of chemistry between the two guys. We see the whole story from Josh's POV which lessens the reader's omniscience about what's really happening (but pfft, it's a romance novel. We KNOW anyway!)I love how slow their relationship builds. I really like how they're completely pissing each other off every time they meet. It just makes the inevitable connection all that more yummy. The ending was adorable. This whole story was pretty believable to me and I enjoyed reading it a lot. LHNB Story released 30.6.13A little over 3 starsThis extended family drama tells the story of two very different young men from the ages of around 15 to 30 as they meet and misunderstand each other over the years. There is a strong supporting cast in the background, but an awful lot of misunderstanding and lack of communication. I liked Josh, whose voice narrated the story, but couldn't warm to Stuart at all.
The story line got a bit tedious after a while and the two MC's coming together fell flat for me.
Good job.And one of the lengthiest, most involved and developed stories of the LHNB collection.
The title is very apt. Hard to care about the characters but a good story still.
4.5 starsI loved this one!I recommend it as a quick and entertaining read :)
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