The Importance Of Being Denny (2011)
The Importance of Being Denny (2011)
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The sexual tension in this was palpable, the build up hot...but was dragged out a little too long, I think...There seemed to be a lot of focus on a back story which either needed to be told as part of this story from the beginning, so I could appreciate it as a crucial part of the story...or less detail, so I could simply understand the nature of past events which led up to the intense and complex feelings which are shared between Denny & Matteo...Denny and Matteo are really sexy, and I'm beginning to understand why there is a demand for quality M/M romance among straight female readers. I read a bunch of m/m shorts over the course of a few days and this was really the best one and was able to communicate a bigger story in a small about of pages. The story raises controversial topics ranging from discrimination to abuse to as close to incest as you can get. I did like the feel good ending all factors considered, and did enjoy the dialogue between the stepbrothers. Appreciate the author sharing this for free.
Just wish there was more... Could definitely be a great novel length story
fun, short feee read. Could have been a little more flushed out.
A very quick read. But not too bad!
Mixed reviews but I enjoyed it :)
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