The Invasion Of The Tearling LP (2000)
The Invasion of the Tearling LP (2000)
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Putting her foot down and refusing to send shipments of slaves to the Mort was Queen Kelsea’s first decision as a Queen, and it might be the one that will destroy her Kingdom. The Mort won’t take no for an answer and they are marching on the Tearling to take by force what they think is their due, and Kelsea will have to push them back or die trying.The Invasion of the Tearling was a great installment and I am happy to say it is not suffering from the second novel curse. The mood of this novel is different, Kelsea is a Queen and has to take decisions as such and stop being a child. She also has to understand and control the power coming from her Sapphires, deal with a new found sexuality and some weird visions/sleepwalking she’s been experiencing. To say her plate is full would be putting it mildly, but I really enjoyed watching her struggle and try her best to come out on top. I love that she is now taking her own decisions instead of simply relying on Mace and that she is trying really hard to play it smart. She seeks wisdom that will help her make the best choices and try to control her impulses. She’s growing up!One of my favorite aspect of this novel is Kelsea’s visions of Lily. Lily lives in pre-crossing America and we witness her life in first-person narration. We get to see the kind of struggle the pre-crossing people faced, how it came to be so bad, and how some people actually crossed. I found her story really engrossing and I was avidly awaiting Kelsea’s next vision. I also love how their stories tied up at the end.This novel is not action pack. Their are some tense scenes, some violence, but mostly it’s a psychological game. All the chess piece progress throughout the novel and we anxiously wait while both Queens play their moves. Also, if you’ve been anxious to know the Red Queen’s real identity, you will be pleased to know that it is revealed in this novel.The conclusion really is a game-changer and I am anxious for the next installment (no title nor tentative release date yet). I can’t wait to see what will happen to certain key characters and I really hope we will see more of Lily! This is based on an advanced reader copy and therefore I will not be saying too much yet. I find the world building very interesting in this series, and a lot of questions left from the first book are answered here. Once again, NOT YA! There is very adult content, and unlike some sci-fi/fantasy this doesn't even skate the line. I like it...a lot, but for some reason I find it still right in the middle of my self rating scale. Will I read the next one that appears? YES. Good saga, and I find I like it more the longer it goes. Okay, I guess I should of said, I will not give too many details, since I said quite a bit already. Enjoyable.
Need some time to think about this one.
Read the advanced copy. So. Good.
oh hell yeah.more TK.
So. Many. Questions.
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