The Invincible Iron Man, Vol. 1: The Five Nightmares (2008)
The Invincible Iron Man, Vol. 1: The Five Nightmares (2008)
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The writing is on par with the rest of Fraction's early Marvel stuff, which means its solid and a little bit more thoughtful than a lot of mainstream comics writing, but not yet up to the levels he'd later reach with Hawkeye, The FF, or Sex Criminals. My biggest problem with this book is Salvador Larroca's art, which is aggressively, offensively ugly. Characters' faces look like they're made out of silly putty, and their clothes hang suspended over them like a paper doll's clothing. Plus, everybody's skin has a bizarre, spray-tanned hue to it. I'm interested in reading this long series (11 tpbs!) to get a look at Fraction's development as a writer, but the art might make me bail... When deciding to read some Iron Man books after Robert Downey, Jr. knocked the character out of the park in the Avengers-related films, I went to one of my favorite authors first (with Warren Ellis's "Extremis"), and then on to Matt Fraction's run, which, as of my writing of this review, still continues.I've got to agree with what many folks have said in reading this first volume of Fraction's run: It takes all the best elements of the Iron Man films and adds a little more to make this one a fine read.Tony Stark is Iron Man, but there are so many more facets to the character in Fraction's interpretation. He's a ladies' man. He's a philanthropist. He sometimes feels bad that his tech is misused by insane enemies. This sort of characterization is what makes comic books literary and not the "kid's stuff" so many perceive them to be.Salvador Larroca (who I've always been a fan of) and crew bring some spectacular art to the table, as well. It's the art that a book so in tune with current science and futurism should have.I'd recommend this one to anyone who dug the Iron Man films, anyone who wants a great superhero comics read, or (as always) fans of the creators who brought it to us.
I liked it but it seemed like pretty standard Marvel/superhero fare to me.
A really kick-ass superhero story, plain and simple.
i want to be iron man
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