The I.P.O. (2013)
The I.P.O. (2013)
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0615879934 (ISBN13: 9780615879932)
Beverly Ann Publishers
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One of the most fantastic novels I have read in a long time. Five stars are insufficient to show my appreciation.I was initially attracted to it by the author's name (is he related to THE Dean Koontz?) but got lost in the narration and plot and completed the entire book in less than a day. The foundation is initially shocking, but we can accept the logic of AVillage's promoters after some time.From the view of a corporate investor, it does make sense to select gifted youngsters and develop their potential for the investors' benefit. But killing their parents to get control over the children or unwarranted medical procedures are not warranted. But look at it another way: A canny investor/ corporation/ nation wants to exploit the maximum benefit from every asset at minimum cost and scruples can always be bent. If I am to build a group of race horses, naturally I want the best I can afford. So why should it be any different for humans I would like to invest in? The most profitable asset is of course human beings: skilled workers, unskilled labor, well-educated doctors and engineers from Third World countries who sell their services to developed nations, slave-trading, prostitution, even marriage and children. Today, when children are not just a byproduct of marriage, we are still producing children by choice, hoping the children will give us support and company in our old age, possibly even take care of us in our old age, as reflected in many cultures giving greater importance to sons than daughters. Yes, there are some errors I noticed while rushing through the book: In one section, numerals have been used instead of words (2 stout crystal glasses instead of two stout crystal glasses, 50s, 60s, etc.), may used instead of would (P. 215 of Kindle Edition), and so on. The story is unique and brought up a lot of interesting ideas. It could have been fleshed out a lot more and the good vs evil not so cut and dry. But, even though the voices of the characters weren't super realistic, the storyline had my attention from the beginning and I read it every chance available. It was enjoyable to read a YA novel that didn't involve a love triangle. Oh wait, the narrator was male. Shocker.
very disturbing, corporations owning people, apparently all legal in that society.
This was a really good book!
very good
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