The Journal Of Best Practices: A Memoir Of Marriage, Asperger Syndrome, And One Man's Quest To Be A Better Husband (2012)
The Journal of Best Practices: A Memoir of Marriage, Asperger Syndrome, and One Man's Quest to Be a Better Husband (2012)
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This funny memoir takes the reader inside David Finch's head and life when after five years of a troubled marriage, Finch's wife clues him in to the fact (via Internet quiz!) that he has Asperger Syndrome. His journey is chronicled in his Journal of Best Practices, where he explores his neuroatypical behaviors and how they translate to the typical world. This book gives great insight into one person's Asperger Syndrome and will help those who are baffled by the sometimes "odd" behaviors of others. While I celebrate Finch's journey and his apparent success to become a better husband, I do feel like his fathering skills could use the same attention. The end of the book does explore his attempts to better connect with his children, but they definitely don't get the razor-sharp focus that his marriage does. This book works in two ways - the first one being the "memoirs" of someone somewhere on the autism spectrum who has a wife with the patience of several saints, the second way being some kind of self-help book for people with similar problems. The memoirs suffer (to me) from a bit of too much the cliche Americanisms - praying to God in minor situations, discussing Christmas decorations (if a neighbor of mine would make joke-bets about how long I keep up Christmas decorations, I'd burn down his fake house and move to a place with normal people), being jealous of other people's too perfect plastic existences (defined as an apparently constantly baking housewife and a successful husband), salesman talk etc. The second one works if you have problems with your relationship due to your autism spectrum, which (I hope) is quite specific... Possibly too specific for me.
An interesting look at a marriage where one of the partners has Asperger's. Funny and well written
Very funny and interesting every husband should read this
This was a great book and super entertaining.
Very good read.
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