The Ladies Auxilliary (2000)
The ladies auxilliary (2000)
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This book is touted as "where Southern flavors meet Jewish sensibilities" and it fails to do so. It was interesting to read about the many customs of the Jewish Orthodox women of which I was unaware; however, other than being set in Memphis, there is little 'Southern' about this book. It had some interesting information but there are better books about small town life and the little it takes to be ostrasized by a community. I really liked the book's message of choosing your faith and living its principles with your heart and not just your feet. The background information about the Jewish holidays was enlightening and the amount of gossip and judging among the women was disturbing. I think I would have liked the book a bit more if the author had written more about what the characters were doing and less of what they were thinking. It became a bit tedious for me.
An enjoyable story and a fascinating view of an Orthodox Jewish community from an insider.
It was an interesting look into the lives of orthodox jews in the south.
What kind of ending was that? It stopped in the middle of nowhere.
Fabulous. Loved it! So many important lessons for life.
I really enjoyed the characters in this book.
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