The Lamp Of Darkness (2014)
The Lamp of Darkness (2014)
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1623930065 (ISBN13: 9781623930066)
Lionstail Press
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With chills running up my body and my imagination stuck at a time long ago,I just finish the ending words of Uriel,in this Great Book.This book moved me in a way that no other book has.The author created a familiarity with all the deep insights and ideas he seamlessly weaved in, to such an epic story.He was truthful about the biblical characters he so exquisitely portrayed, alongside the fictional ones that seemed almost indistinguishable.It was a great read, and deeply insightful.This was one of those books where your half way through, and enjoying it so much, you become hesitant to continue reading, because you don't want it to end yet.The book is full of a unique type of suspense and novelty, one that is not felt in an average historical fiction.The author managed to bring me back to a time and era so long ago, by portraying the nuances and ways of life in ancient biblical times.I highly recommend it, and be prepared to be transported back to a time long ago.I eagerly await the fate of Lev, together with the coming book! A wonderful, touching, beautifully written story that brings alive the world of the prophets. I could feel the anguish and triumphs of civil war torn biblical Israel. Dave Mason writes as if he himself has experienced or seen the receiving of prophecy. The characters are well developed, eliciting a real sense of identifying with and caring for them. The story is also cleverly baited with small mysteries that added much to my reading pleasure and made it so that I could not put the book down.
Great book with great biblical insights, reading it again.It will become a classic.
Good book, very engaging, but not a full story arc, and the sequel isn't out yet!
Is a great book to read
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