The Last Four Things (2011)
The Last Four Things (2011)
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0718155211 (ISBN13: 9780718155216)
Michael Joseph
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An interesting follow up to The Left Hand of God. Thomas Cale has been taken back to the Redeemers and is back in the hands of his old tutor Bosco, the things that Bosco fills Cale's head with, are they lies or truths? Has he been born the way he is or moulded? The question of nature vs nurture is brought up many times. Warfare is clearly understood by Hoffman as he uses many pages (perhaps too many...) explaining tactics that the Redeemers use in their wars against the Laconics, the Klephts and the Antagonists. There is a twist at the end but it is not completely unseen, there are also many, many references, Hoffman himself explains some of them at the end but I deduced some for myself here. Musselman - Muslims Laconics - Spartans Chartres - The Vatican Guy Fawkes, Perkin Warbeck and the Marian burnings are referenced.Van Owen - Thomas Cranmer Redeemers - Cardinals Pontiff - The Pope Red silk shoes - Red hats (cardinals wear them or at least used to) The Materazzi - The Borgias or the Medicis. Redeemers vs Antagonists - Catholics vs Protestants Hooke - Galileo and early science and medicine menI think that the references actually did the book a hinderance rather than a help. Also, the places mentioned might as well all be on the same continent or area, Chartres, Spanish Leeds, Whitstable, Memphis, etc. I got kind of annoyed at the mixing of current history and made up history, I understand it's supposed to be a different look at society and religion, but I don't know if it quite gets there. Also, Thomas Cale becomes more and more unlikeable here but that may be purposeful. A very different series so far but a bit more explanation, and a bit more imagination, rather than using so much current history, would be nice for the next in the series. This was absolute torture to read. The author changes writing styles so many times in the book looking at things from different angles that it was so annoying. Because of my OCD with having to finish a book or a series of books once I've started only added to the dread every time I picked it up (hoping it would get better but it never) sorry it's not my cup of tea. However being the freak I am I will have to finish the series .....
It didn't read as well as the first one. it missed a certain flow to it. the story itself was oke.
'The Left Hand of God' was a bit better..
Cale become a douchebag...
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