The Legend Of The Werestag (2009)
The Legend of the Werestag (2009)
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Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
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A nice little novella with an incredibly strong, awesome heroine - she fights for what she wants. Cecily has been in love and has waited for Luke to come back from war for four years and when he returns, he's cold, aloof and acts as though their blossoming love meant nothing to him. He's an ass to her...really. He loves her, but no longer feels worthy of her, having fought in a war and felt like an animal for as long as he has. IMHO that is no reason to act like an ass with a woman you love. And I have to question whether he really loves her, because how can you hurt someone over and over again, if you love that person? What's worse is the selfishness - he won't fight for her or stay with her, but he selfishly doesn't want her to get over him either. He wants her to marry another but forever pine and love him...not nice. And he sets out to seduce her so the last memory she'll take into a marriage with someone else is of him. But this is not all there is to the book. There's also a cute little plot involving a gothic tale about a werestag and there's some secondary character romance and what not. These things come together nicely to sort of negate the asshole hero... and if it weren't for the heroine, this would have been 2 stars. This was an enjoyable read for a nice quiet afternoon. What I didn't like is that you don't get to see how the H & h fell in love or what brought them together. All you know is that they shared a kiss before he went off to war. But what led to that kiss? Who knows... but for some reason Cecily fell hopelessly inlove with Luke and has loved him ever since. Oh, and this is NOT a paranormal romance. I was misled by the shelves on the right.
Very short, historical romance, not PNR. Enjoyed it and wished it would've been longer.
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