The Lifeguard (2012)
The Lifeguard (2012)
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I read the lifeguard by Deborah Blumenthal, which was published in 2012. I read this book over the summer because of the setting. This book is a fictional story that took place mostly over the summer. This book starts with Sirena Shane, the main character leaving Texas, her home state because of her parents’ divorce. She is heading off the Rhode Island to stay with her Aunt Ellie to get away from her parents separating. Sirena is the main character, who lives with her Aunt Ellie this summer. She has a best friend Marissa that she left behind in Texas. While in Rhode Island she meets Antonio, a local painter and grandfather to Pilot. Pilot is a lifeguard and Sirena is drawn to him. She doesn’t know if he likes her or not. Adriana is another girl that Pilot is sometimes with and that makes Sirena jealous.Personal revelation would be the main theme of this book. Sierna is very sad and closed when she arrives in Rhode Island but as time passes she opens up to others. This leads to some wonderful relationships to help her cope with her parents’ divorce and the hospital work she does. Sirena swims at the beach and sees the lifeguard Pilot. She likes him but doesn’t know how he feels. Her Aunt Ellie tells her about Antonio a local painter that has an open heart. Sirena sees Pilot with Adriana and she is jealous. Sirena gets pulled under by the current and Pilot saves her. Antonio helps her through the images of her work at the hospital. Another time she went swimming and she got stabbed by a stingray. Antonio passes away over the summer leaving her lost. This book had some magical gifts to some of the people in the book, which was kind of cool but it was just another summer love story. It was nice to see Sirena open up as the book progressed. It was a good book to read over the summer though. I know you aren't supposed to "judge a book by it's cover", but I couldn't help it with this one. I thought it was going to be a really cute and fun summer story and it was, but of course, there was a plot twist. A teenage girl named Sirena moves in with her aunt in Rhode Island for the summer while her parents get divorced back home in Texas. Almost as soon as she arrives, her summer revolves around one guy. Pilot. He's an extremely good looking lifeguard, who saved her from stepping on a sea urchin as soon as she arrives at the beach. He doesn't say a word and leaves her with a mystery of finding out who he is and how to get closer to him. She continuously tries to gain his attention throughout the story, but he won't give her the time of day. She constantly showed up at the beach just sitting and sketching but nothing seemed to work, so she gave up. After mopping around the house for a week, her aunt gave her the ultimatum to volunteer at the local hospital. Everything begins to stir as Sirena sees the lifeguard, Pilot, leaving with a blonde girl. That's when she finds out his name. She continues to volunteer, but also returns to the beach meeting one of her aunt's friends. He loves to paint and they begin to spend hours just painting together. One day, she arrives to paint with him and finds Pilot sitting in front of him. She offers to come back another time saying that Pilot is their model. Her obsession with him continues until he makes it clear to her that he isn't interested in her. She becomes so angry and embarrassed that she swims out until she can barely keep herself up. She can feel herself going under and forces herself to the leg of a pier when she feels a piecing burn run through her body. She stepped on a sea urchin and becomes unconscious. When she opens her eyes, she's in the hospital and she has visitors. Her parents, her aunt, and Pilot. She can barely stay awake, but when she is, he's all that's on her mind. He saved her. Their relationship grows as she heals and she learns more about him than she ever thought she would. He's kind to her. Too kind, and she can feel it. She knows something is up, but she doesn't know exactly what it is. Not until she returns to the beach at least. She finds out what everyone has been keeping from her and she can't believe it. The cover pulled me towards it, but after the first few pages, I was glued. I read this in under five days and I remember that I couldn't put it down. Something about the way that Pilot and Sirena were around each other made me want to finish it to see how they would end up. The ending left me shocked and I wasn't really happy about it, because it was almost as if the book hadn't been finished. I loved Sirena's character, because I felt that she was relatable for a lot of teenage girls. She feel in love with a guy that she knew she would never have a chance with. She was just like any other teenage girl. Pilot's character was weird, because he didn't expose much about himself and I wish that I had gotten to know more about him before the end. Overall, I feel like the author did a really good job keeping me reading and making me feel connected with the characters, I just wish that the ending hadn't been so open and honestly, unfinished.
I read this for a friend of mine before she let her 12 yr old daughter read it. It was pretty good.
Very mystical, but an unexpected plot. I prefer more realistic romances though.
I read half of this last night and couldn't put it down...
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