The Lion (2010)
The Lion (2010)
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044658083X (ISBN13: 9780446580830)
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I have a long list of writers that I like with books that I read. I rate each book in that (Excel) list. Only few of those authors are constantly being rated with 5 starts for all their books Nelson DeMille is one of them (Same goes for the late Vince Flynn) .I Love the main character John Corey, with is cynical thinking as well as his talking. Adding humor into a book about Islamic terror is not that obvious.Love the way "DeMille" is laying out the story. Starts with John Corey (humorous. Being told in 1st person) after that, a large part of the book from the terrorist point of view, then another large part from our hero's point of view and finally the part where they find each other. No jumping from one subject to another, like many other authors tend to do.Bottom line. If you like the "Terror genre books" It's a must read. I am reading the Corey novels in order. I think DeMille is one of the best writers today. His characters do not get stale (probably because he doesn't write ten books in a year). He is incredibly witty and gritty. The first chapter of this book, I was chuckling. The second chapter of this book, I was pissed, angry, disgusted, not with the story but at the atrocities the "bad guy" was perpetrating. DeMille does not take prisoners in his writing style. He is judgmental. He is not politically correct. I love this guy!
This was a good listen, although I found the violence a little too graphic for my taste.
A really quick read with some laugh out loud humor. A real hanger of an ending though...
Another well done Demille! And including my favorite character of his, John Corey.
A poor ending to an otherwise fantastic character of John and especially Kate ...
Enough humor and plot to make it readable, but too machismo for me to read more.
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