The Lonely (2014)
The Lonely (2014)
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0738741337 (ISBN13: 9780738741338)
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Almost a five-star read for me, this is highly recommended for jaded readers looking for sophisticated YA fare.I liked:- The writing style. It’s sophisticated, engaging and draws the reader into its world immediately with the appealing voice of its central character. So good to read a YA book which can be considered literary without feeling like a school text book.- Its complex portrayal of mental illness and ‘the Lonely’. This isn’t trying to create a textbook version of a specific disorder, but give the reader an insight into the mind of someone who sees the world very slightly differently.- Julia. I didn’t like:- The length - at over 300 pages it seems a little too long for a book where nothing much happens. I love unreliable narrators, but never knowing what was real sapped the momentum from the story. This is one of the weirdest damn things I have ever read. That includes student workshop pieces in grad school. I like weird things. Weird things are good. I don't want to spoil anything in this review and explaining this book is really hard. But it's fucking weird. And gross. And confusing. And funny and terrifying. I mean all of that with love. I especially liked the part where Easter took bleach bottles and drew dicks in her grandmother's neighbors' yards. God, just read this, okay?
What? This is the silliest book description I ever read.I'm intrigued.
What a twisted, strange, morbid, yet somehow kind of beautiful book
Morbidly insane, and completely fantastic.
deranged, difficult, and good.
Dafuq did I just read?
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