The Lost Recipe For Happiness (2008)
The Lost Recipe for Happiness (2008)
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0553385518 (ISBN13: 9780553385519)
Bantam Discovery
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Elena is a woman who has to overcome many obstacles in her life in her role as chef of a new restaurant. Elena was is a horrible accident when she was a child and had very serious injuries that still bother her in her everyday work. A new start in a new restaurant and she wants to prove herself as the best chef and proves this in her own way by challenging everyone. Elena has had some bad personal relationships and is determined not to fall for her new boss. Elena has a faithful companion her dog Alvin and Alvin charms the difficult teenage daughter of her new boss. Great recipes in this book, finally Elena lays the "ghosts" in her past to rest. Barbara O'Neal (Samuel) does a great job of telling relate-able stories of women with very damaged souls. All of her heroines are sympathetic and Elena Alverez may be her most damaged, both physically and emotionally.There is definitely a romantic aspect to this story and it takes up quite a bit of the book. But all of her relationships are important and we learn as much about Elena and her demons from her relationships with her co-workers and friends as we do from her relationship with the man she ultimately falls in love with. One of the aspects about Elena that made her seem more human to me was her coldness to an old friend who disappointed her. It was an unattractive quality that made her more endearing.By making these secondary relationships important, the author needs to make the secondary characters interesting in their own right. She does that in this book.There are always animals in this author's books and they usually play a very important part. I think the dog in this book, probably the most empathetic dog ever, is my favorite. There is also always just a little bit of magic in her books. Not enough to make them too silly. That aspect of the book was handled well. Finally this book, like most of her books , also addresses subjects of importance to the people who live and work in this part of the country. She is sympathetic to both the native and imported ethnic groups that co-exist in this part of the country.The narration was perfect. I highly recommend this book.
I think I read this a long time ago and really liked it, but i can't recall for sure!
Oh I loved this book, I didn't want it to end...I got emotional at the end. :)
Sweet and predictable but easy to listen to while I prepared for holidays!
Recommended by one of my best friends and now I know why. It was great!
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