The Lost Songs (2011)
The Lost Songs (2011)
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0385739664 (ISBN13: 9780385739665)
Delacorte Books for Young Readers
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While this was an interesting story that we have copies of in the library, I have reservations. I really feel it is full of stereotypes. There are provocative questions that the book raises such as segregation and where you see it, like in the school lunchroom. Segregation we are doing ourselves. There is not a lot out there on this book and what I want to know, as an African American, if you read this book would it offend you? Two stars means I have some concerns. I checked out two books by Caroline Cooney from the library. This is the second of the two that I read. I absolutely HATED the first one and would not recommend it to anyone and was not going to read this book because I disliked the first one but I read it and I am HAPPY that I did!Lutie has inherited "the Laundry list". Songs composed by her grandmother and passed orally from generation to generation ending up with Lutie. Now someone has come looking for the songs and is hoping to record them but Lutie has no desire to share.
Lovely to read with a bit of suspense threaded all the way through. Very church and prayer oriented.
Really a disappointing offering from Cooney. I don't see any interest for kids
Wonderfully written and inspiring on many levels!
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